We are creating
an Integrated Waste-to-resources ECosystem
for the auroville's Bioregion

To eradicate landfilling, waste dumps & burns in our neighbourhood! 

We have been researching the best combination of existing and innovative technologies available in order to come up with a waste management ecosystem that would process EVERYTHING within the same facility, and that would eliminate the need of landfilling while being self-sustainable.

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Our local bioregion has shown a silent but desperate need for such innovative systems, that could tackle problematic waste materials such as multilayered packagings, but would also ensure it’s own financial sustainability through the creation of value-added products from the recycled resources.


The TRASHBOT is an Automated Segregation System that separates Biodegradable from Non-biodegradable waste material such as food from plastics bags which is very common in India’s waste composition. 

This is an essential step of our system which recovers a great quantity of biodegradable waste that is normally landfilled. It therefore reduces the moisture and increase the energy content of the reject waste. This makes it more efficient for the next step of the process which uses plasma gasification.

Plasma Gasifier

Plasma gasification is an emerging technology which can convert landfill waste into electricity and construction material.

Plastic recycling

We have chosen to follow the PRECIOUS PLASTIC model to process the recyclable plastic into value-added products that would be useful to our surrounding  communities.