about us

  Waste Without Borders was created by Palmyra as a collaborative project to address the waste crisis.

  Palmyra is a Centre for Ecological Land-use and Solid Waste Management in Auroville, India since 1990.

Our international team works on deploying a Solid Waste Management Solutions for the Auroville’s bioregion.
Based on an extensive research on the existing & emerging technologies in India to process waste. 

We strive for a better way for all!

A relationship that is not only cordial but friendly with the inhabitants of the neighbouring village is absolutely indispensable for the realization of Auroville. The first step is to establish a true human fraternity – any shortcoming in this regard is a grave mistake which can compromise the whole work. They are your brothers in spirit – this should never be forgotten.”

– The Mother

 November 23rd 1969

our mission

Our goal is to set up an easily replicable Integrated Solid Waste Management system (ISWM) based on zero waste principles. The outcome is a zero-landfill solution achievable through the use of innovative technologies for the bio region around Auroville including 50,000 people, 14 villages and 6 Panchayats.

ISWM refers a sustainable way of managing solid waste like metal, plastic, cardboard… It covers all sources and all aspects: waste generation, segregation, transfer, sorting, treatment, recovery and disposal, with an emphasis on maximizing resource use efficiency.

On the other hand, zero waste means no resource will go waste. Utterly, it means our system will have no landfill but only several Indian technologies processing waste back into a resource.

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