Today's waste
Tomorrow's resource

We are creating
an Integrated Waste-to-resources ECosystem


Waste Without Borders is a collective of individuals in the Auroville Bioregion dedicated to the Research and Development of solutions for the unprecedented waste crisis surrounding us without borders. 

Our mission is to solve the Indian Waste Crisis through a local implementation of innovative Waste-to-Resources systems that are sustainable and therefore replicable. 

The lack of real solutions for the waste produced daily is creating big problems:

  • Waste dumped in nature and public spaces
  • Open-air waste burning causing air toxicity
  • Water logging due to waste obstructing drainage
  • Toxic leachates causing water and soil pollution leading to drinking water and food contamination
  • Public Health Hazards
  • Endangered Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems like wetlands, coasts and freshwater bodies in close proximity