Today's waste,
Tomorrow's resource

India today

To create a paradigm shift in the field of Waste Management, incorporating an innovative zero waste system and zero landfill solutions employing carbon-neutral waste-to-resource processes to make sure that nothing goes waste. This will be achieved through symbiotic relationships on the hand of emerging technologies.

Starting with the immediate surroundings of Auroville, the ultimate vision of Waste Without Borders is to spread these waste management solutions on a pan-India scale, a dire yearning expressed by large parts of the country.

Local Situation

We are currently in an ecological crisis. The situation is critical in rural areas.
Locals have access to “modern life” products but have no way of discarding this waste properly. Due to the lack of existing waste management facilities, to collect and process waste, the situation is becoming highly problematic.
As a result, waste is being dumped, and burned daily on the streets… Pollution is a problem.

Therefor, Waste Without Borders was created, as a response to this waste threat.
We believe the Earth to be one Home and that together we can manifest a change of paradigm


WWB specializes in Rural Solid Waste Management.
We ensure responsible use of scarce resources amongst swelling populations by turning today’s waste into tomorrow’s resource.


Based on our extensive research, we have designed an innovative zero landfilling system incorporating recycling, plasma gasification and microalgae bio-refinery.

about us

Waste Without Borders (WWB) is an activity
under Palmyra, a Centre for Ecological Land-use and Solid Waste Management based in Auroville, India. .

WWB was formed as a collaborative of sustainability experts in the field solid waste management.

Our team works on establishing and sustaining solid waste management solutions in Auroville’s bioregion.

 ” Inappropriate waste management impacts human health and the environment through soil and water contamination, air quality, climate, land use and landscape. ” 

– OECD website


We are a financially sustainable project.
The activities of Waste Without Borders rely on external funds.
Therefor your help is essential.
We are open for
donations and human power to help this project come true.